Things You Must Consider Before You Start Shopping for Artificial Grass

The decision to replace the natural grass on your garden or lawn with synthetic turf is an excellent one to make, despite some personal opinions from your friends that it is not a smart thing to do. We admit it – synthetic grass used to have a negative image back in the day. People thought that it was cheap and will never become a practical substitute to real grass. But fast forward today, it seems like everyone is looking forward to making the switch. The reason is simple – with so many artificial grass suppliers Brisbane these days, you get to pick from an extensive range of options. You can even select the type of material and colour of the grass.

The best thing about modern artificial turf is that the method of creating it, as well as the materials used, allow it to last long and withstand the weather elements. In other words, it won’t quickly deteriorate and will retain its aesthetic properties for a long time, even with outdoor exposure. However, we are merely talking about those made from premium quality materials and not the ones which come cheap and made from the low-quality stuff. If you want to find the right artificial grass variety, you must factor in the following things first:

1 – Traffic

Before you start looking for different fake grass varieties, you first must figure out the amount of traffic in the place you plan on installing it. For instance, if you have children or pets who play outside a lot, it means you must choose a durable and premium quality variant, not just any synthetic grass you can purchase for half the price of other products. Keep in mind that if you find one with an unbelievable low price, you should be wary of its quality.

2 – Material Quality

It is true that there a handful of artificial grass suppliers Brisbane out there, but do not assume for a second that all of them offer you the best quality you are searching for; some may even sell you fake grass that won’t last a year before signs of fading and deterioration begin to show. If you wish to get the best bang for your money, look for a synthetic grass product made from polypropylene or polyamide. Another option is polyethylene yarn. Other signs of excellent material quality are the consistency of the colour and uniform stitching.

3 – Pile Height

Another crucial thing to factor in when shopping for artificial grass to install on your garden or lawn is pile height. It refers to the length of the grass blades from the backing to the tip. If you want your yard to have a lush look, you might be tempted to choose fake grass with a tall pile height. However, you should know that the longer the blades, the heavier they become. As a result, they will bend, and your lawn may look flat.