5 Bicycle Date Ideas That You Should Try This Summer

Summer isn’t just the hottest season of the year; it’s also the season for love. The endless string of summer day and the warm and cozy evening is perfect for those incredible moments with you and your lover. So instead of just lounging at home and being boring all day, why don’t you go outside and have the best time of your lives? Don’t waste the time that you have with each other and go on a date and enjoy each other’s company.


There are many ideas for the perfect date. Walking along the beach is fine, but why walk when you can ride along on a bicycle? Summertime also happens to be the season for adventure, and what’s more fun than going out for a bicycle adventure? So hop on your bike and go for these five fun bicycle date ideas.


1.) Bicycle Picnic


Nothing is more romantic than a picnic in the park while having fun on your bicycle. You can ride along with your bike as the sun fades and have a romantic candlelit picnic dinner. You can bring your favourite snacks, a bottle of wine, or even a blanket to cozy up. There’s a ton of ideas you can make so be creative and don’t forget your bikes.


2.) Cycling Tours


We’re living in an era where courting dances is no longer a thing. We’re now in a generation where courting is about going out on a unique and memorable date. So instead of just going for the traditional “go-out-and-eat” type of rendezvous, why don’t you go for cycling tours? Head to your local bike routes and have a great time together while also creating adventures that you’ll remember forever.




3.) Bike to A Street Festival


Australia has some notable festivals in the summer. Take advantage of them now by bringing your love interest to these awesome festivities via your bicycle. Nothing beats riding through the crowds of celebrating Aussies and enjoying the summertime festive vibe.


4.) Head toan Outdoor Concert


We wish the drive-in movies were still a thing. However, while it isn’t anymore, outdoor entertainment is still on the rise. Australia is blessed with some outdoor shows and concerts throughout the year. So instead of just lounging on your couch and watching them on TV, experience them live. Get yourself and your lover some tickets and hop on your bike towards the venue and have the best summer experience ever.


5.) Go on a Scenic Bicycle Date


If you’re not on the fancy end of the spectrum, then taking your lover for some good old-fashioned sightseeing isn’t bad, either. There’s no fuss, no complications whatsoever – just the two of you riding your bike and enjoying the natural Australian beauty in your surroundings. Best of all, you won’t be worrying about the cost! All you need is a well-planned cycling route, and you’re on your way towards the best bicycle date ever.


Got Any Ideas In Mind?


We’ve mentioned just a handful so you can also work your mind and come up with your unique bicycle date ideas. However, rest assured that if you’ve run out of ideas, these five tips will be your best bet. So stop wasting the summer season, spend more time with the love of your life, and use the bicycle as a symbol of your undying love.