Common Problems with Evaporative Air Conditioners

Many people who want AC in their houses choose to buy an evaporative AC unit. Although cheap, evaporative air conditioning systems often have a few common issues or setbacks. Below is a list of some common setbacks that you should consider before making a purchase.

Cooling with No Control

An evaporative air conditioner allows cooling but have no way of controlling the temperature. It means that your rooms will either be warm or too cold. This lack of control means that your room will not be as comfortable as you may want. In most cases, these AC systems will make your room too cold, and this will affect the comfort of your family. It is a problem usually encountered by users.

Moisture and mould

Evaporative systems work by a fan pulling in air that passes over sheets filled with water. The air is then cooled down like a sea breeze as the air contains a lot of moisture. The moisture will then be dispersedin your home. This moisture can result in mould, growing in corners of your house like in ceiling areas.

No heating and no cooling in humid weather

Evaporative AC units are for cooling only. They can’t heat your house at all which is a disadvantage. Evaporative systems will also not work in humid weather as the air is already moist. It means that on a humid day, your air conditioner will be of no use. It is a big blow to users, and you better keep this in mind before committing your money.

Swapping over evaporative to reverse cycle

You can’t swap your evaporative AC unit to a reverse cycle air condition systemlater. The duct size is different for a start. Evaporative ducts are large while reverse cycle ducting is relatively small. Evaporative ceiling outlets are located near doorways, or in the middle of a room whereas reverse cycle, air conditioning outlets should be located near the window.

Even though the evaporative air conditionercomes with its share of benefits, it is recommended to spend more money to buy a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit. It may cost you much up front, but it will give you years of comfort. Ducted reverse AC systems will provide you with precise temperature control, they heat and cool your house, you do not need to leave your windows and doors open, and they will not bring mould and moisture into your home. However, if you are still pushed to go for the evaporative AC systems, then be sure to work with a trustworthy air conditioning company to get the best solutions.