How to Create Ebooks

Have you been dying to know how to create ebooks but didn’t know where to start? This on-demand video class will make it possible for you to create ebooks too!

In How to Create Ebooks, you will discover how you can convert your manuscripts, reports, speeches, or out-of-print works into ebooks with our step-by-step instructions which are also documented in our included handouts.

Expert Cheri Cowell will teach you how you can create ebooks to reach new audiences waiting to read your words instantly.

Don’t miss out on our class How to Create Ebooks so you can become an ebook author, too.

About Cheri Cowell

Cheri is the owner and publisher of EABooks. She is also an author and speaker of four traditionally published books including Parables and Word Pictures, a Bible study by AMG, and Peace for Today: 365 Devotions by Thomas Nelson. Cheri began her company after learning how to get her materials into e-book format. Her passion is helping others see God’s Word come alive, and she is excited to expand that mission by assisting fellow authors to take advantage of the new publishing trends.

Click ‘Enroll Now’ to get started. This video class covers:

  • How to put a book or report manuscript in ebook format.
  • A detailed how-to do it yourself instructions with a handout.
  • Resources to help you.

This video class has been designed for:

  • Aspiring Authors
  • Authors with books to convert to ebook format
  • Entrepreneurs with reports and books to put on Amazon and other ebooks outlets
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