Is Baling Twine Still Relevant?

Are baling twines still relevant? That’s one of the most significant questions that come to mind when we look at the current state of the agricultural industry. If you’ve been following the latest trends, you’d know that more and more farmers have transitioned from using baling twine to now using the modernised net wrap. They find it more convenient and practical when it comes to storing their bales. It’s also very durable and long-lasting, which adds more reason as to why people are relying more and more on it.

The Dominance of Net Wrap


Net wrap has now taken over the scene as the go-to wrap for balers, and rightfully so. While made out of plastics and other types of non-organic material, it does provide bales with an effective covering that can ensure proper, unhindered storage and produce high-quality bales. So with the attention now focused on the net wrap, how does the baling twine respond to this?


The Decline of Baling Twines


Baling twines are indeed on a decline. It’s been the case for years now. More people are becoming obsessed with net wrap. Baling twines are growing less of a thing as the manufacturing of netcoversbecomes more sophisticated. It’s currently inching for breath in this huge competition. While demands for the wrap has taken to new heights, baling twine has plummeted drastically. It has grown less popular among the masses and is now serving as a reserve for when farmers aren’t able to purchase net wrap. Since net wrap demands have skyrocketed, it paved the way for baling twines to still be relevant as a backup or alternative.


Baling Twines Are Still Relevant


However, while most people would assume that to be the case, it’s important to know that a balers twine is still a useful tool for agricultural processes. It may not be as valuable and well-liked as it was back in the day, but it can still hold its ground when it comes to other wrapping purposes in the industry. The truth is, you can even use it for other purposes outside agriculture. So while more would say that baling twine is entirely obsolete, it isn’t the case. It’s still widely used today, and demands are still there.



Baling twines are still relevant. So instead of just relying on net wrap alone, farmers should secure both as a baling twine also serves its purpose. So whenever you purchase netcovers for your bales, make sure you also include a baling twine as well.